Nashua’s Historic Hunt Memorial Building Renovation Nears Completion

At Schroeder Construction Management Inc., we have been honored to work on renovating Nashua’s Hunt Memorial Building. As a construction management company highly inspired by some of the more classic forms of architecture, the fact that we have been selected by The Aldermanic Finance Committee to help restore such an exceptional example of the Gothic-Romantic style of architecture has us all enthralled. We also commend the people of Nashua for opting to keep the Hunt Memorial Building amidst talks of possibly selling it. It goes without saying that the Hunt Memorial Building is one that should not be merely sold or allowed to wither away. Built in 1903, the Hunt Memorial Building stands as a testament to, not only great architecture, but to the pioneering spirit of our nation’s past.

In fact, in an article written by Kimberly Houghton and published in the Union Leader entitled, “Work on Nashua’s Hunt Memorial Building Nears Completion,” the author states that, “Earlier this month, the committee authorized Schroeder Construction Management Inc. to complete the last phase of the work to eliminate water infiltration surrounding the masonry and flashing. The same firm has performed other improvements to the building as well.”

Historical Significance An image showing the Nashua Hunt Building

We have taken on this project with fervor unlike most construction companies because of our passion for the architectural and historical significance of the Hunt Memorial Building. It truly is one of the finest examples of a more modern take on the classic Gothic-Romantic architecture prevalent throughout Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. This style of architecture is most commonly associated with tall, narrow buildings adorned with long, pointed windows, and is usually considered to be utilized for churches. However, some of the best examples of this style of architecture later became defined as more square or rectangular buildings. And the Nashua Hunt Memorial Building is a perfect example of that definition.

It is with humble graciousness that we have been able to work on this truly unique piece of American history and architecture. And we hope to keep the Nashua Hunt Memorial Building as beautiful now as it was over a hundred years ago.

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